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Leveraging Video for Alarm Safety

Cameras allow for real-time verification when an event occurs

The video cameras installed in your customer’s facility or business are great for positive identification, crime deterrence and other challenges including documenting employee work practices or potential liability claims. However, customers can also leverage the same cameras for additional measures of intrusion protection and false alarm prevention.

Responding to false alarms is a costly proposition for both first responders and customers. Recent studies from the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) cites non-residential alarms as having a much higher rate of false alarms than residential systems. According to SIAC, this is typically the result of multiple alarm users, many of them casual users who may not be tasked to turn the alarm on or off for months at a time. The bottom line is that today many cities and municipalities levy hefty fines on users for false alarms, especially false fire dispatches. In addition, some cities may have instituted policies of non-response to alarms without verification, further justifying video camera installation.

With video cameras and remote connectivity via mobile smartphone apps or other connected devices, you can bolster protection at your business premises while preventing costly false alarm dispatches. At Alarm Tech Central we use a new technology called I-View, which connects to your video surveillance system and allows for user interaction with a smartphone or tablet device. With this new equipment, users can receive real-time updates from their system, as well as have the option for central station I-View monitoring. I-View provides a new level of protection with the ability to see a perpetrator and give the authorities a detailed description, rather than remaining in the dark. This technology provides both you and your customers peace of mind through the immediate verification of any person who is at the monitored establishment.

Cameras do double-duty

Of course, not all alarms are false and video can help determine if there is an actual event in progress. Live monitoring via smartphone and our professional central station services provides additional security standards. Upon notification of an alarm event at the facility, users and the central station will automatically receive a notification through the video surveillance system and the smartphone app which will enable a real-time look at the facility. With this capability, the user and Alarm Tech Central can assess the situation, and determine whether responding authorities require to be dispatched. Another benefit to I-View technology includes the ability to catch a perpetrator in action if an intruder is trying to vandalize or burglarize an establishment.

This extra measure of validation can also ward off false dispatches and the potential for a fine. In addition, some municipalities and cities may cut off dispatching authorities after several false alarms, so video can be a proactive tool to prevent this situation from occurring.

Alarm Tech Central Services is here to make your customers’ business or facility as safe as possible. Video technology has become a great way to augment traditional intrusion detection and add other measures to verify fire alarms or potentially dangerous life safety scenarios.

Contact us today at 1-800-792-TECH to learn more.

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