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Reduce False Alarms with Video Verification

Video monitoring and verification delivers visual alarm detection

Today, there’s one camera for every five people in the United States. Video monitoring with verification provides a higher level of visual identification and authentication for your customer’s business or facility. Both you and the user can stay informed of authorized and unauthorized activity through continuous monitoring.

At Alarm Tech Central Services Inc., video surveillance with verification helps our professional operators and dispatchers deliver an elevated level of security monitoring services. With their trained expertise and the implementation of high-resolution video, operators and dispatchers can better assess the reason for an intrusion signal. Whether the signal is a false alarm caused by a user who forgot their code, an environmental disturbance, or an actual fire or burglary incident at the protected premises, video verification ensures the proper execution of alarm protocol.

How video verification works

With video verification, ATC operators receive an alarm signal and a live clip of a video event in progress, streamed to their monitoring station. They can see who is at the protected premises and if it’s a real alarm in progress. If it is an alarm, they can now gather visual information for police, including what the perpetrator is wearing or if they are armed, which provides authorities with comprehensive information regarding the alarm event.

With video, operators deliver an informed response – calling the user and sending a text message with a clip of the event directly to the end user's smartphone for viewing or immediately dispatching police or fire personnel. They can also send video clips directly to responding authorities who may mandate verification of an event, prior to dispatch. For cities, towns and municipalities with hefty false alarm fines or protocols for no response without verification, the video takes the uncertainty out of the process and eliminates unnecessary and costly dispatches.

Video verification and monitoring from ATC is available to our dealers at a lower cost than other monitoring centers. Your company will receive the personal touch and high level of expertise that comes from our leading Five-Diamond Certified, UL Listed, and NYC Fire Certified monitoring company. With professional services and lower cost from ATC, you can continue to boost your profitability with additional recurring monthly revenue while customers gain confidence in your security operations.

ATC delivers the best service and most professional monitoring at a price point that gives your company the ability to be competitive in the security industry. Alarm Tech Central Service Inc. is in business to help your company grow. Contact Alarm Tech Central today to get started with the latest video monitoring and verification services.

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