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Alarm Tech Central is THE central station for all of your needs! From burglary to fire, medical, environmental, and even elevator systems, we're here for you 24/7/365.

Alarm Tech, alarm, tech, central, service
Alarm Tech, alarm, tech, central, service

We are an around-the-clock monitoring service. Rain or shine, we're here to help YOU. Your customers are our customers!

We Offer
  • Burglar Alarm    Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • PERS Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Temperature Alarm Monitoring
  •  2 Way Voice Monitoring
  • Internet Monitoring
To Our Dealers
We want to be the central station resource that helps you grow your
It is our #1 priority to provide superior customer service to accompany our state of the art interactive technology!
  • Distinguished Service Award from Long Island Alarm Association.
  • Honorable mention From CSAA International.
  • UL Listed Monitoring
         NYC Fire Alarm Monitoring
         5 Diamond Certified
         IQ Certified Monitoring

We are committed to providing top quality service and going above and beyond what a typical Central Station may provide. Each Dealer even receives the owner's personal phone number in order to maintain a strong bond  and relationship between the dealer and Alarm Tech Central. Our Goal is to help your company grow so we can both succeed. We make it our priority to ensure the best service and products are available to you!

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